About Us

The Central Park Performing Arts Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting theatrical experiences and arts education to youth, and access to quality entertainment.

An integral part of the Central Park Performing Arts Foundation mission is that every member of our community has the ability to enjoy live performances.

The Central Park Performing Arts Foundation:

  • $ 530,000.00 in funding of the Annual Children Series since 1994.
  • Serving approximately 4,600 individuals and families per year with affordable family entertainment in the Children’s Series.
  • $ 150,000.00 in need based and merit-based Scholarships to Summer Theater Camps since 1995
  • 650 scholarship youths served in Summer Theater Camps
  • $1,082,0000 in initial funding for the public private partnership

How do the Arts Impact your life?

Economic Impact
Access & Affordability
Youth in Arts